Automatic lip pouring MGM-PU

– camera controlled

The MGM-PU pouring automate is produced in Germany and is suited for work in fully automatic mode.

The design of the Auto-ladle Pour MGM-PU is compact and allows free access and safe setting of the ladle onto the exchange roller conveyor, by crane or forklift. The automatic changing of ladle guarantees a stable fixing of the ladle location in the machine. Electro servomotors perform all movements and ensure continuous precise work.

Auto-pour MGM-PU-R with roller conveyor

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Auto-pour MGM-PU 100, working at foundry of Jilin Province Boqiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Auto-pour MGM-PU-T with ladle-turntable

PU mit Drehwechsler-3

Ladles for auto-pour

Ladles are equipped with a manual tilting device, allowing tilting back of the ladle for slag tap.

GJV modification in the ladle is possible.

The ladle design (teapot type) allows a smooth and reliable flow of liquid metal into the mould, turning the ladle around the ladle spot axle and keeping the distance between ladle spot axle and mould (pouring height) stable during pouring operation.

Ladle capacity 800 kg – 3000 kg
Pouring speed up to 20 kg/sec
Ladle transport by crane or forklift



Automatic pouring control

Automatic filling of the mould with liquid iron

During pouring a new approach to the pouring process is used. The MGM-PU automatic pouring unit uses a mathematic calculation of the pouring curve on basis of gating system data and metal intake capacity of the mould as well as pouring weight.

By this, the pouring process achieves a very high precision and the slow down and stop of pouring on the end of the pouring process is very smooth. The usual lengthy set-up when introducing an automatic pouring is omitted, so that the start-up period is shortened.

The visual camera control of the metal level in the pouring cup is used for confirmation of exact pouring execution and as safety control during pouring.

Inoculation into the pouring stream occurs by volume dosing on basis of the pouring curve and permanent measurement of the pouring weight with load cells. The pouring temperature is permanently watched by non-contact pyrometer (type Keller MSR etc.).

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PU-100 outcut 160106

To ensure high process reliability for each poured mould the important parameters like pouring weight, pouring time, pouring speed, pouring start/end procedure, pouring temperature range etc. are stored.

Other features are the precise controlled supply of inoculation material and synchronised pouring while moving the pouring line.

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